Lemoncha (Geneva, Switzerland)

Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink based on tea (no suprise there!) which contains bobbles of e.g. tapioca. It is getting more popular in Western Europe, a development I am totally okay with, because I love bubble tea! In Geneva there are several places which offer bubble tea nowadays. My favourite of the bunch is Lemoncha. It is quite popular, and especially in the summer there were long lines. Still, the waiting time was not bad as the process of making the drinks is fast. Choosing the drink is what takes most time!

Closeup of the Lemoncha counter
Tea samples and tea plant at Lemoncha

Lemoncha differs from most bubble-tea places that I have seen in the sense that they really focus on the “tea”-part. They offer several types of tea, such as genmaicha, earl grey, etc. On the menu are also fruit-flavoured drinks (which can be made vegan) and coffee (vegan too I suppose, though I have never tried them) .
Additionally several drinks noted as “lattes” are offered, which do contain milk since those are made from pre-made mixes which contain milk.

It is very much a choose-your-own-adventure place, but there are also standard combinations possible if the choices are too overwhelming:) You pick the types of bubbles, tea/flavours and milk (cow, soy, rice, almond). Most bubbles are vegan, but not all. Best to ask the staff about it, they are nice and knowledgable. The tapioca bobbles are the standard option and they are vegan. The drinks can be made cold or warm, and the amount of ice and sugar can also be modified.

In addition to their delicous drinks Lemoncha also offers vegan cookies and cakes! However, these are not always available as they are very popular and often sold out.

Lemoncha tea and pastry
Lemoncha tea and pastry

Type of place: Bubble tea takeout
Completely vegan: no
Website (French only): http://www.lemoncha.com/

Author: Sandra

Running, cats, sewing, vegan cooking and eating.

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