Coffee Shop Boréal (Geneva, Switzerland)

As a vegan I got the advice to learn to drink my coffee black instead of with creamer, since not many cafés had an alternative for milk-based creamer. I tried coffee without creamer, but I didn’t like it.

So, I am happy to report that more and more coffee places nowadays have alternatives for cow milk. And even better, more and more places have vegan pastries!

If you go down the rue de Mont-Blanc from Geneva Gare Cornavin you can find a small coffee place called Café Boréal. Boréal has several locations in Switzerland, both in Geneva and in Zurich. They sell their own brand of coffee, the beans of which are roasted near Geneva! The Mont Blanc location, near the station, has a few seats inside and several chairs and tables outside, on the main street. (I believe the other locations are a bit more spacious :))

A photo of a matcha latte, espresso and a vegan cookie on a table, taken from above.
Matcha latte, espresso and vegan cookie at coffee shop Boréal.

The coffee shop has many types of hot drinks (coffees, matcha latte, chai latte (vegan!!), teas) and they offer several milk alternatives. There is a small selection of cakes and cookies available, and every time I visited there was a vegan option. Last time there was a vegan lemon cake with chia seeds and vegan cookies of a Swiss brand called Freely Handustry (which are also gluten-free,

Type of place: Coffee and pastry
Completely vegan: No
Website (English):

Author: Sandra

Running, cats, sewing, vegan cooking and eating.

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