La Tecia Vegana (Venice, Italy)

La Tecia Vegana is a fully vegan restaurant in Venice, away from the centre. It was in fact not in a place you’ d naturally bump into. I  can very much recommend going there, it is worth the journey. When we arrived at la Tecia Vegana it seemed closed. It was however open and very busy! The restaurant opens for lunch and then reopens for dinner.

Interior at La Tecia Vegana in Venice
Interior at La Tecia Vegana

In Italy the approximate structure of a (fancy) meal is as follows** : aperitivo (with small snack),  antipasti (starters), primo (soup/pasta/carbs), secundo (‘protein’) with sides and salad, dolce (dessert), coffee, digestivo. Obviously not all courses are mandatory, but this is useful to know since often restaurants in Italy will have a separate section on their menu for their first and second courses. Additionally you get bread with everything, which is awesome.

Vegan bigoi at la Tecia Vegana
Bigoi: a vegan variation on a traditional Venetian dish

The atmosphere in the restaurant is casual and pleasant. I noticed that, probably due to its location, it was mostly filled with Italian guests. We arrived a little bit late for the lunch, as the restaurant would close again at 1500 until dinner. Spoiler, they didn’t kick us out at 14.55, so that’s good.

Mushroom filled crepes at la Tecia Vegana
Mushroom filled crepes!

The menu is translated in several languages, including English. Some of the translations were a bit off we found later but the general gist of it was clear. We wanted to try a bit of everything, and still have some space for the desserts. The starters looked great, but they were not very special (hummus, falafel, and such) so we skipped them and jumped straight into the primo.

Chick pea omelette at la Tecia Vegana
Chick pea omelette

We started with a vegan variation on a typical venetian dish (bigoi in salsa) and the crepes with mushrooms filling. The bigoi is a dish with special long noodles and red onion in sauce (I believe the traditional version is made with anchovy or sardines), which was quite special and delicious. The crepes were very good as well.

Tofu-stuffed peppers below, pumpkin with herbs and potato soufflé at la Tecia Vegana
Tofu-stuffed peppers below, upper left pumpkin with herbs and upper right potato soufflé

For our secundo we had the chickpeas omelette and stuffed peppers with tofu. For side dishes we chose the spicy pumpkin and potato soufflé with leek. This was an example of a mistranslation; the pumpkin was not spicy in the sense that it was hot, it just had spices. The potato soufflé was nice, but not very special and also quite stuffing.

Vegan tiramisu at La Tecia Vegana
Vegan tiramisu ❤

Even though we had only a little bit of space left in our stomachs we still wanted to have some dessert. Of course we had to try the tiramisu. Wow, it was amazing! It had been a while since I had “real” tiramisu, but it tasted just like the real thing to me. I suspected it was made with silken tofu (an ingredient also often used for vegan chocolate mousse) but it was made with almond cream. We also tried the pear almond/walnuts tart. After we managed to squeeze in a little coffee.

Pear, Almond and walnuts tart at La Tecia Vegana
Pear, Almond and walnuts tart

In general the service was good, because it was busy we had to wait a bit. It was not really an issue but we felt the pressure of time since they were supposed to close at 15 again. It is a bit on the pricier side, but I think it was worth the money. The food felt a bit more fancy than a standard eatery and also the plating is done with a lot of attention. Special shout-out to the small breads that were served with the food: delicious!

Almond cappuccino at la Tecia Vegana
Almond cappuccino
Type of place: Restaurant
Completely vegan: yes
Vegan desserts: yes!
Website (Italian) : 

** Sources:

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