Bad Hunter (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Bad Hunter is a healthy fast-food style eatery with locations in Zürich and Lausanne. My colleagues recommended it to me, and we visited Bad Hunter in Lausanne, which seems to have slightly more dishes available than the Zürich version. Bad Hunter offers wraps, bowls, soups and sandwiches, and a variety of drinks. On the menu it is clearly marked which dishes are vegan — very convenient. There is also cake, which is unfortunately not vegan.

While Bad Hunter has an ordering system and set-up similar to fast-food places, the food itself is very health/super-food oriented. The health perspective is also applied in their style of cooking; vegetables are steamed, not fried, to get maximum of nutrients. Additionally there is only a minimum of salt used in the preparation. I didn’t notice a lack of seasoning in the food myself.

Interior at Bad Hunter
Waiting for our food with a sparkly apple juice

The interior is modern, minimalistic and slightly industrial. The place seems pretty popular, but it was not overly crowded.

Food is ordered at the counter and paid directly. You get a tiny obelisk with a number on it to be put on your table. When your dish is ready it is brought to you. We were with a group, but since we all ordered separately we also got our food at different times which is a bit of a downside of this system. The food itself was very nice. Overall I would go again, the food is fast & tasty, and the prices reasonable.

Vegan bowl at Bad Hunter
Vegan bowl, it is bigger than it seems from this picture!

Type of place: Health food /Take out
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts: no
Website (English, French, German) :

Author: Sandra

Running, cats, sewing, vegan cooking and eating.

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