Veganopolis (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Veganopolis is a small vegan eatery near Lausanne main station. During the week a daily menu is available, which can be found on their site as well, if you don’t like surprises (I won’t judge, I don’t like surprises either!).

In addition there are paninis, salads and sweets such as cakes, muffins, and cookies to enjoy. On Saturday several kinds of vegan burgers are served. Apart from the restaurant, there is also a small shop section, where you can buy vegan cheeses, chocolates and bars.

Burger menu at Veganopolis

Veganopolis is very geared towards take-out, there are few seats available (Also, strangely enough there are no toilets) It was quite busy when we visited, fortunately we managed to get a seat at the bar next to the window.

Drinks at Veganopolis
Kombucha & bio-cola

We went on Saturday to try the burgers (of course), and we chose the “Dune”(chick peas) and the “V-Cheez” with seitan and fake cheese. The burgers were made with nice buns, fast-food style, and they were very good. We ordered fries as a side with both vegan mayonnaise and ketchup. The fries were nicely spiced but not very crunchy. Also they were served a bit of an inconvenient bowl.

Burger with fries, ketchup and vegan mayonnaise at Veganopolis
Yum! Burger, fries & dips

Since there were so many deliciously looking pastries we of course had to try some freshly made cake. It was nice and fluffy.

Vegan cake at Veganopolis
Freshly baked vegan cake!

To finish it off I choose from the many available hot beverages a chai tea with soy milk. It was more soy than chai, but I find that that is often the case. It was a nice finish to a great meal!

Soy chai tea at Veganopolis
Soy chai tea

Type of place: Take-out
Completely vegan: yes
Vegan desserts: yes
Website (French) :

Author: Sandra

Running, cats, sewing, vegan cooking and eating.

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