Eating vegan at home

From this blog it might seem like I go out for dinner every day, which is (unfortunately) not true. Most of the time we cook and eat at home. Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or professional chef, but I like reading about food and eating food. So if you find yourself not very inspired to cook, maybe some of these tips will be helpful!


If you want to know more about eating healthy and vegan, check out and . Both these websites are written by knowledgeable registered dietitians with years of experience.

Smoked tofu with potatoes and salad
Smoked tofu with potatoes and salad


Apart from dinner I also prepare workday lunches to take with. While my workplace offers a lot of opportunities to eat out tasty vegan food, I try to spare my wallet.

So that is at least 6 dinners (assuming eating out once a week) and 6 lunches (also eating out once a week). Most of us don’t have the time or desire to cook elaborate meals everyday, but many have enough time to whip up something fast & easy. For me it really helps to plan meals and to do some form of meal prep, by cooking multiple portions at once and have the same food for lunch or dinner again that week. Some people die-hard meal prep for the whole week, but that is a bit too much for me. You mileage may vary though! Keep in mind that meal-prepping for several days requires some freezer space. I once excitedly made a lot of food in advance, only to find my freezer didn’t hold half of it!

Homemade vegan Lentil-walnut burgers
Lentil-walnut burgers ready to be frozen !



For weekdays I usually stick to recipes and combinations that are simple and don’t require a lot of effort. Most of the time this is a combination of a grain/pasta with veggies and a protein (quorn, beans, tofu, tempeh..) to make sure all nutritional needs are addressed.

Examples: pasta with tomato sauce (with vegetables or mushrooms) and vegan “meat” balls, tofu with broccoli, soy sauce &  noodles, tabbouleh with hummus and flat bread, wraps with rice, black beans and guacamole. In the winter I also love to make vegetable soups,  which are great to freeze in and are easy and fast to make ! By adding for example roasted chick peas and bread it forms a complete meal.

Quorn pieces with quinoa, veggies and tahin sauce inspired by
Quorn pieces with quinoa, veggies and tahin sauce (based on a recipe from


Food blogs

This might not be the case for everyone, but I follow several vegan-food blogs so I often come across a dish I want to try. This is not required for vegans, or anyone for that matter, but I like to cook and eat food, so it follows naturally. Some well-known vegan blogs are MinimalistBaker ( my favourite: sweet potatoes with chick peas) and VeganRicha (my favourite recipe: palak tofu)

To be honest I usually don’t follow recipes down to the letter but add my own twist to it.

Rosemary blueberry scones, recipe from minimalist baker
Rosemary blueberry scones, recipe from minimalist baker (

Ingredient-specific recipes

So what does that mean? Sometimes one makes a dish and then has half a cabbage and 3 beets left. There are many great ways to use these left-overs (soups, ratatouille, etc). But when I have the time I like search for recipes that include specific ingredients.  My goal is to never throw out food because it has gone bad. It helps my fridge is not too large, so there is only so much food that can fit in it 🙂

Home made pesto zoodles
“Zoodle” salad with vegan pesto, cherry tomatoes, olives and some pine nuts

I hope some of this was helpful. There is no need to whip up a perfect restaurant-ready meal every day (unless that is your thing, then go for it! And invite me!) I tend to make simple dishes during the week, and if there is some extra time, say in the weekend, it can be fun to experiment.


Bon appetit!

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