Zara 2001 (Geneva, Switzerland)

The first time I had Ethiopian food was in Geneva, one of the first posts on this blog (Awash) and I really enjoyed it. Zara2001 is another Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurant in Geneva. The interior is very nice, with African art on the wall. Some of the tables were relatively low, and there is not a lot of space. Also it was a bit chilly.

Zara2001 Interior
Table at Zara2001

The food is predominantly Ethiopian, though there are a few Indian dishes on the menu as well.  There is a clear section on the menu which is vegetarian (meaning vegan in this case) which lists four dishes. Three of those dishes can be served in a combination plate, which we had, because choosing is hard.

Injera at a table in Zara2001
Injera with salad and sauce served on the large plate

The dishes that were included in the combination plate are a spinach stew with spices and peppers, tumtumo: lentils with garlic and spices, and alecha: potatoes with carrots, green beans and cabbage. The latter is a bit more spicy. Unlike at Awash the dishes are not served directly on the injera, but came in separate bowls. The injera comes with salad and some spicy sauce. We also got a second plate with more injera.

Alecha, spinach and tumtumo at Zara2001
Alecha, spinach and tumtumo (sorry for the blurry photo…I am a bad food blogger…)

The service was a bit slow, even though the restaurant was empty. We did come at a strange time though, between lunch and dinner. The food was good and the price reasonable. I still need to practise eating with injera, so I think I’ll explore some more Ethiopian restaurants!


Type of place: Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurant
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts: no desserts at all

Website (French) :

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