Al Boustan (Paris, France)


The first time I visited Al Boustan, a fast-food place in the middle of Paris,  I tried their falafel wrap and some spinach fatayer (triangles of dough with filling) That wrap was one of the best falafel wraps I have ever had, so when I had the chance I went back to sample more of their menu!

Tabbouleh at Al Boustan
Tabbouleh salad on a table crammed full of dishes 🙂

Al Boustan does take-away as mentioned, but there are also a few tables. It is a fast-casual place, in the middle of a busy area, so service is fast. On the menu there are some full dishes, but mostly mezzes. There are several mezze menus (so a full meal consisting of small dishes) including a vegetarian version. There is also the possibility to create a custom mezze menu, where you can pick 4 cold and 2 warm mezzes, which happened to be the exact amount of vegan items available!

Cold mezzes at Al Boustan
An overview of the cold mezzes: hummus in the centre, to the left moussaka, to the right moutabal and the top-right the tabbouleh

For cold mezzes we had hummus, moussaka, moutabal (aubergine dip) and tabbouleh. The hummus was very nice and creamy. I also enjoyed the moussaka which consists of aubergine, chick peas and tomato sauce. This is all served with flatbread. The warm mezzes we had were the fatayer, which are filled with spinach and pine nuts, and falafel. Since it was cold outside we had some sweet mint tea with our food.

Most of their desserts are baklava, which is unfortunately not vegan due to butter and honey. However, they do have one vegan dessert: lokum, or Turkish delight, a rose-flavoured sweet.

Warm mezzes at Al Boustan
Warm mezzes: fatayer and falafel with salad and tahin sauce


Al Boustan is a casual place, the service is very fast and the staff are both knowledgeable about their dishes and helpful when it came to finding out which dishes are vegan. I had a great meal there and I would definitely go back!


Type of place: Take-out, Lebanese
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts: yes

Website (French) :

Author: Sandra

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