Chiang Mai Thai (Geneva, Switzerland)

We have had some sombre weather in Switzerland, so what’s better than going out for lunch trying some great food? The restaurant we initially wanted to visit was closed, but fortunately Chiang Mai, a Thai restaurant was open! I have been lucky enough to taste some great Thai food so the bar was set high.

Table at Chiang Mai Thai
Ready to eat!

Like many restaurants, there is a daily (lunch) menu, consisting of a starter and a main. While the daily menu was not vegan, it could be veganised. In general, in every  dish the meat could replaced with tofu.  Nice! To get a full picture of what was available, we had the daily and some items from the general menu.

Spring rolls at Chiang Mai Thai
Spring rolls

The atmosphere in the restaurant is relaxed, but it was a bit dark inside. We started with the spring rolls (from the daily menu) and thod pak (vegetable cakes). The spring rolls were great, very crunchy and not overly greasy.  The thod pak reminded me a bit of Indian pakoras, they were not very doughy, and contained several vegetables; courgette, broccoli, cauliflower, and onion.


Thod pak at Chiang Mai Thai
Beautiful dish! Vegetables cakes with sauce.

For our main course we had a curry with tofu subbed from the daily menu, and sautéed noodles with vegetables and tofu  (goei thew phad phak). The curry had a nice mix of sweet coconut flavour with the spiciness from the curry. The sautéed noodles were tasty, and a lot. There was a lot of vegetables in there as well, so that is good.

Tofu curry at Chiang Mai Thai
Tofu curry

As I hoped, Chiang Mai has several vegan desserts! The mango- sticky rice dessert I hoped to try was not available due to absence of sticky rice, so we got just the mango. We also tried a rice banana combination, which was interesting and sweet.

Noodles at Chiang Mai Thai
Huge heap of noodles with veggies and tofu

Price wise…well it is the centre of Geneva, so it is not cheap, but it is not extreme either, especially if you choose the daily menu. The service was good, and the staff was also accommodating when it came to adjusting dishes.

Dessert at Chiang Mai Thai
Dessert of rice and banana
Type of place: Thai restaurant
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts: yes!

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