Zolotoi Dukat (Kyiv, Ukraine)

This cute café (part of a national chain) was completely in the Christmas mood when I visited. This was great for vegans, because it meant there were some vegan cakes! Let me explain.

Pist cakes at Zolotoi Dukat
Pumpkin-mandarine cake and hummus pie

In Orthodox Christianity there are several fasting (Pist in Ukrainian) periods, during which specific animal products (like meat, milk and butter) are not consumed. One of these periods happens to be before Orthodox Christmas, when I visited Kyiv. Technically the original idea of these fasts is to abstain from tasty foods such as cakes which often include butter and milk… but I am not going to complain.

Chocolate at Zolotoi Dukat
Liquid-y dark chocolate to be eaten with a spoon

During my stay in Kyiv I visited Zolotoi Dukat twice. As mentioned there were some special additions to the menu for Christmas; an apple pie, a pumpkin-mandarine pie and a hummus salty pie (I believe the apple pie is also on the standard menu).

On the standard menu there are several vegan snacks, like dark chocolate and nuts. The chocolate is liquid and thick, a bit bitter but nice.

Matcha latte at Zolotoi Dukat
Matcha latte with coconut milk

It being a café they have of course coffee and other drinks, and several speciality teas. Additionally they have coconut milk. I am personally not that fond of coconut milk with coffee but in the Matcha latte I tried it worked very well!

Apple pie at Zolotoi Dukat
Apple pie
Type of place: Café
Completely vegan: no

Website (Ukrainian, Russian, English): http://www.freshcoffee.com.ua/

Author: Sandra

Running, cats, sewing, vegan cooking and eating.

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