Murakami (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Murakami is a chain of Japanese restaurants in Kyiv that offers sushi and noodle dishes, salads and soups. They also do delivery.

The restaurant has a Japanese inspired décor; chopsticks are standard on the table.

Miso soup at Murakami
Miso soup

The menu shows several vegetarian dishes. However, since for example the sushi with omelet is not marked as vegetarian, the marked dishes might be vegan actually. So points for effort, but confusing execution. There are several vegan options for sushi, such as the avocado, seaweed and cucumber rolls. There is also a vegetable roll, which contains apple, avocado, cucumber and tomato. Interesting!  The waiter kindly pointed out that while this dish normally comes with mayonnaise, it could be made without.

Vegetable rolls at Murakami
Vegetable roll

The miso soup is also vegan, so I opted for that and the vegetable roll. I also sampled some of the avocado rolls from my table mates. Interestingly we first received the sushi and the soup while we were eating the sushi still. Anyway, the food was good. I really liked the miso soup.

Raspberry sorbet at Murakami
Dessert: one scoop of raspberry sorbet

Unfortunately the desserts are not Japanese, and are mostly of the cake and ice cream variety. They do have vegan sorbet ice cream in the flavours of lemon and raspberry.

Overall it was a nice lunch. The service was a bit strange, since we got the soup while we were eating the sushi, but the waiter was kind and helpful when it came to finding vegan dishes on the menu.

Type of place: Japanese restaurant
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts: yes

Website (Russian) :

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