Eco buffet (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Poppy seed cake at Eco buffet
This poppy seed cake ❤


We wandered into Eco Buffet because it was listed as a shop on the internet. However, it turned out to be more of an eatery with a small shop section!

There are two Eco Buffets in Kyiv, and the menu is a bit different at each location. They also have courses on vegan cooking, and do catering. It was nice to see the Eco Buffets being visited by all types of people by the way.

Part of the buffet at eco buffet
Part of the buffet with seitan sausages, “potato pancakes”, …

The buffet has vegetarian and vegan dishes. Interestingly, apart from being vegetarian, they also do not use eggs, onions and garlic. I believe this is due to the food being prepared in the Vedic tradition. Additionally they also do not serve caffeine and their breads are prepared without yeast.

Food at Eco Buffet
Potato pancakes, fried potatoes and seitan pieces

Eco buffet serves several variations on typical Ukrainian dishes, such as the salad Olivier, with seitan and vegan mayonnaise, and potato “pancakes”. They use a lot of seitan in their dishes, which I think is interesting since most veggie places tend to default to tofu. There are also Indian-inspired dishes, such as samosa, and other types of dishes. And there are a lot of cakes! So basically you take your tray, pick the things you want, pay and eat. I really liked the variety of dishes, and the food was good!

Salad Olivier at Eco Buffet
Salad Olivier with vegan mayonnaise
Type of place: vegetarian buffet
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts: yes!

Website (Russian, English):

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