Leon (Schiphol, the Netherlands)

Airports are usually not the best place for vegans. Or for people that like to eat in general. In bigger airports there are more options, and I have to say that Schiphol (Amsterdam) is doing quite well, even for vegans. Leon is a fast-food chain originating from UK that expanded last year to Schiphol, and there are locations both before and after customs! They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course coffee and snacks.

Books by Leon

There are labels for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc. There’s several vegan dishes, and some of the vegetarian dishes can be made vegan, such as the falafel wrap and box by subbing the sauce.

I have been to both the Leon before and after customs. For the sake of this review I’ll discuss the one after security. We tried the fries, the quinoa salad and the sweet potato curry. The fries were not so good, they were not crunchy at all. The quinoa salad was okay, but a bit bland. The peas added an interesting taste. I love the curry! It comes with rice, and a bit of a sad salad.

Sweet potato curry and quinoa salad at Leon
Sweet potato curry to the left, quinoa salad to the right

The available dessert is a billionaire shortbread…which I ate in the plane and I totally forgot to make a picture..oops! It was tasty though! They also sell several forms of crisps and chocolate bars. For drinks there are several fresh juices, lemonades (can recommend!), coffee (soy milk is available), etc.

Billionaire's short bread at Leon
Billionaire’s shortbread at the counter at Leon!

Overall, on the airport it is one of the better options for vegans.  The falafel wrap (without aioli) and the sweet potato curry are my favourites! **

Type of place: fast food
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts:  yes!

Website (English) :  https://leon.co/

** I did notice that the menu on the website is a bit different than when I was there. I don’t know if it is different per city or that the menu recently got updated.

Author: Sandra

Running, cats, sewing, vegan cooking and eating.

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