Swagat (Vevey, Switzerland)


While researching Vevey as a short introduction for this post I found on Wikipedia that it is known to be the last home of Charlie Chaplin, it houses the head quarters of Nestlé  and there is a beautiful lakeside promenade. I would have loved to go to the promenade, but as it was the middle of winter it was cold and dark…the view of Lake Geneva from the promenade will have to wait a few months.

Let’s talk about what I did do in Vevey. I went to an Indian restaurant, Swagat, and it was pretty good. The place itself has a nice décor, it is quite spacious. There is a buffet, with a fixed price. (For lunch there’s also buffet on weekdays which is in fact cheaper for vegetarians!) From what I could see there were not that many options at the buffet. We took from the menu, so that we could sample more different things. There were quite some vegan choices, and there are vegan flat breads in the form of paratha!

Samosas at Swagat

Usually when in Indian restaurants your get a small appetizer in the form of papadums, crunchy chickpea crackers, with some different sauces. Not at Swagat which was a bit surprising. A small nit to pick, but since these appetizers are so ubiquitous I noticed their absence.

Pakora at Swagat
Vegetable pakora

We started with two of my favourite dishes: pakora and samosas. Both of these looked beautiful on their plate! The pakora were a little bit spicy. The vegetables were mixed before being fried, so they had a quite nice structure. And they were delicious, which is the most important! The samosa were good too, they were not very oily, as they can be sometimes.

Biryani and aloo gobi at Swagat
Vegetable biryani to the left, aloo gobi to the right. Not pictured: parathas and huge amount of rice

For the main we tried the aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower) and a vegetable biryani. The biryani comes usually with yoghurt sauce, which was left out here. A nice touch from the staff, I think, not to put it on the table for it to be not eaten anyway. The biryani was tasty but there were some strange spice globs in the dish. The aloo gobi was good too, it was a bit spicy but not too much. It came with a bit too much rice though!

Gulab jamun at Swagat
Gulab jamun for dessert!

Swagat also offers vegan desserts: sorbet ice and gulab jamun. I was surprised that the latter didn’t contain milk, and asked the waiter twice. But it was really vegan, so that is a nice surprise! The gulab jamun was very sweet, and somehow partially heated, which is unfortunate.

Overall Swagat is a bit more expensive, especially if you opt to choose from the menu card rather than the buffet. The food was good, the place itself was pretty busy. The staff was helpful about finding vegan items, which is always nice.

Type of place: Indian restaurant
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts:  yes!

Website (French):  http://swagat.ch/

Author: Sandra

Running, cats, sewing, vegan cooking and eating.

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