Nyala Barka (Geneva, Switzerland)

Can you tell I am loving Ethiopian food? The third of its category on this blog! Small spoiler: for lunch this might be my favourite Ethiopian place…let’s get going!

The name of the restaurant is derived from a type of antelope, the mountain nyala, which lives in the mountains of Ethiopia. The nyala is important in Ethiopian culture, being for example on the 10-ct coin. Unfortunately, the existence of these animals is threatened (due to e.g. illegal hunting and habitat destruction), but efforts have been put in place to halt this.

Drinks at Nyala Barka

I visited Nyala Barka for lunch, together with my favourite partner-in-crime. The restaurant is large, with African elements in the decoration. At the end of the room there is a bar. There’s a lot of carton boxes which gives a bit of a messy appearance.


We had a starter of sambousas, a dough triangle stuffed with vegetables and lentils. They had to be eaten by hand, which was a bit of a challenge since they were hot! Maybe we had to be more patient. They tasted good though, the dough was nice and crunchy.

Sambousas at Nyala Barka
Vegetable stuffed sambousas

The vegan menu consists of several different dishes; two with lentils, a potato dish, one with spinach and one with chick peas. For the tasting menu you get three of these, depending on the day. There are less injera served with it compared to Awash and Zara 2001 but for lunch I found it okay. We got the spinach, potato and one lentil dish.

Injera at Nyala Barka
Injera with lentils, potato and spinach stews, and salad

There were three desserts available, of which at least one, the fruit salad, might be vegan. I didn’t want to have a dessert, so I didn’t ask about it.


Nyala Barka might well be my new favourite Ethiopian restaurant in Geneva, when looking at price, quality, atmosphere and location. I will definitively go back!

Type of place: Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurant
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts: ??

Website (French) : http://www.nyalabarka.ch/


Author: Sandra

Running, cats, sewing, vegan cooking and eating.

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