Homous & co (Geneva, Switzerland)

Homous & co is a Lebanese take-out located at two different places in Geneva. It was started by two brothers, who were inspired by their father who wanted to let the world discover the taste of Lebanese cuisine. Unfortunately their father couldn’t open the restaurant of his dreams, but the brothers did so in his honour.

Cold mezzes on display at Homous & co
Packaged dishes at Homous & Co.. hummus, moutabal and falafel on the top row, below tabouleh and kofte (the only non-vegan item here)

The food is freshly made every morning and packaged. All dishes are displayed, you pick  what you want, and pay. Any warm dishes are heated afterwards. The vegan and vegetarian choices are clearly labelled, which is always a plus! We were a bit late for lunch, and there was actually not so much food left. Drink-wise there is coffee, mint tea and soft drinks available, unfortunately the mint tea was gone already!

Food at Homous & co

On the ground floor there is not a lot of space to sit, but there is a larger room upstairs, which was pretty empty when we arrived. The interior is modern, and there was Arabic music playing. The room was not very cosy, but not unpleasant either. Homous & co is clearly more of a take-away/fancy-fast-food place.

Zaalouk at Homous& co
Zaalouk … I love this stuff!

There was a lot of choice and we wanted to try everything! For cold mezzes we got: hummus, moutabal, sabanegh (a spinach dish, which was very good) and zaalouk (an aubergine dish). The warm mezzes we got were rice with lentils and falafel (with vegan sauce). And of course we got some flat bread as well. Unfortunately there are no vegan desserts.

Food at Homous & co
Flat bread, hummus, falafel and sabanegh, my favourite still life

The food is good, not exceptional. I really liked to see some other dishes rather than the standard hummus/tabouleh (I do love those too). I had never tried the spinach dish, and I loved the zaalouk!

I really like the concept of Homous & Co, and you get good value for money, which is always a good thing. I do have to say I dislike pre-packaged food like this. I assume it is great for take-out, but if you eat it at the place itself it is not the best for the environment. Another minor complaint: it is difficult to gauge how much flat bread is needed!

Type of place: Lebanese, take-out
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts: no

Website (French) : https://www.homousandco.ch/

Author: Sandra

Running, cats, sewing, vegan cooking and eating.

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