Luigia (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Luigia can be found in several Swiss cities (and in Dubai). I visited the location in Lausanne twice. This Luigia is located in a former cinema, so the atmosphere is fantastic! The interior reflects the previous purpose of the building, with a large dining room, which has a high ceiling. The main colour is red, and there are light-bulb decorations. In the back there is a pizza oven with a small open kitchen around it. There is an additional kitchen behind, but that one is not visible for the guests. I don’t know if every Luigia has such a beautiful location!

Interior at Luigia
Old projector at Luigia

The menu, which includes typical Italian dishes such as antipasti, pastas, pizzas, and a variety of sea-food and meat plates, also has several vegan options. Unfortunately these are not marked! Drink-wise there is a lot of choice for wine, beer etc.

Focaccia at Luigia
Rosemary focaccia

We started with a rosemary focaccia, which is also made in the pizza oven. It was basically a pizza crust, with rosemary. It was  simple and very tasty. The crust was so delicious, thin and crunchy.

There are several vegan options, including pizzas! Luigia serves a classic pizza marinara; a pizza with tomato sauce, oregano and garlic. There is also a version with capers. Both are great, but I prefer the one with capers. The taste of the capers matches very well with the rest of the pizza, and it makes it a little bit more interesting.

Pizza marinara at Luigia
Pizza marinara with capers

There are vegan desserts available: fruit and sorbet ice. However, it didn’t seem too interesting to me so I didn’t try them. After you have had your dinner, you pay at the entrance, so no waiting around for the bill.


Luigia prides itself in being authentically Italian, and I believe that. From the Italian-speaking staff, to the simple and fresh ingredients, Luigia is a piece of Italy in Switzerland.

Type of place: Italian restaurant
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts: yes

Website (English, German, French. Italian) :

Author: Sandra

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