Madliani Puri (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Sign at Madliani Puri

Georgian bakeries and restaurants are quite common in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. Unfortunately Georgian food is usually not very vegan-friendly, it is rich in animal products, most famous are the meat dishes, and the use of cheese and butter.

Tone at Madliani Puri
The big t’one

Madliani Puri, a small bakery, has however several vegan options which are too good not to share! The place itself is kind of interesting. It is a small room with a large round oven (called t’one, or tone) where the bread is made by sticking the dough to the side.

Menu outside Madliani Puri
Menu outside

You order at the small window. There are some breads on display, but behind the window they were not so easy to photograph (does nobody think of the bloggers!)

Bread at Madliani Puri
Potato-stuffed gvezeli!

They offer several stuffed breads for ‘Pist’, the Orthodox fast, see this earlier blogpost. The available vegan ‘gvezeli’ are stuffed with either potatoes, with cabbage or with mushrooms. The breads are really nice and fluffy, the stuffing is tasty and goes great with the bread! They also sell several drinks, like a tarragon lemonade, coffee and tea.

Tarragon drink
This type of tarragon drink you can get in many places in Ukraine, it has a nice radio-active green colour and tastes a bit like anise…I like it!

Type of place: Georgian Bakery
Completely vegan: no
Website (Russian) :
Address: Marshala Tymoshenka St, 14, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000 (This is not clear from the website)

Author: Sandra

Running, cats, sewing, vegan cooking and eating.

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