Hans im Gluck (Munich airport, Germany)

Often vegans can face issues at airports**, apart from the fact most food is just not good, the amount of vegan options can be limited to juice, crisps, and overpriced fruit salads. I have already an entry on Leon, a fast-casual place which can be found at Schiphol airport, but in my recent travels I found two nice options for travelling vegans. The first one is up today, a discovery in Munich airport.

Sign at Hans im Gluck at Munich Airport

On a recent trip I found myself on a 4-hour layover at Munich airport in Germany. There are definitely worse airports for these longer lay-overs! I managed to find some vegetable crisps and spotted a tofu sandwich in one of the small airport shops. The airport is also large enough to walk around extensively.

I had read about “Hans im Glück” serving burgers when checking what was around food-wise in this airport, though I didn’t know if they had vegan burgers. Also I wasn’t sure if I could access the correct terminal. Side note: all the best shops seem to be in the terminals after passport control, which you usually don’t get access too if you are flying within ‘domestic’ EU.  I wonder what is up with that!

Menu card at Hans in Gluck
List of vegan burgers & all allergens listed

Hans im Glück is a chain restaurant with locations all over Germany, and also in Bern (Switzerland). The name is taken from a fairytale about a boy trading his material possessions on his way to visit his mom (ultra-short version). The restaurant puts a focus on fresh ingredients, and good quality food.

Vegan sauces menu card Hans im Gluck
Special mention of vegan sauces!

At Munich airport Hans im Glück is located in Terminal 2 after security, next to Gate K 18. It is a bit tucked away. There is some space to sit, but it was so busy I didn’t get a nice picture of the seating area. Of course you can also get your food ‘to go’. Service was fast (which, being at an airport, was expected) and friendly.

There are several vegetarian and vegan burgers available, and each item on the menu card has its allergens listed next to it.  (I noticed this is very common in Vienna, maybe also in Germany?) Apart from the burgers, Hans im Glück serves salads (not sure if there are vegan ones), and sides, and several vegan sauces. They also serve drinks, like cocktails, and desserts. On their online menu it is mentioned there is a vegan dessert, but I didn’t see it when I visited.

Vegan sauces, fries and burger Hans im Gluck at Munich airport
Sweet potato fries, vegan avocado sauce and vegan ketchup, non-vegan mayo (why??) and a vegan burger! The downside of airport food: it is approximately impossible to make nice photos! 

I think the vegan patty is the same for each burger, just the sauces and additions are different. The burger is served on a nice bun. I also tried the sweet potato fries with avocado cream sauce. For some reason they also gave me ketchup (vegan) and mayonnaise (not vegan) . I have to say dipping fries in what is basically guacamole felt weird. Independently from each other the fries and sauce were pretty good, so there is that, but the combination? I am not convinced yet.

I would visit Hans im Glück again given the opportunity! I liked the burger, both the patty and the bun, and the fries were great, too!  I’d pick a different sauce next time around, or take the avocado cream and keep it for some nachos dipping action later 🙂

Type of place : burger bar & grill
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts:  maybe?

Website (German, English): https://hansimglueck.com/

** Many vegans are concerned with the environment and choose not to travel by plane because it is so environmentally unfriendly.  While I completely agree with this, and I prefer taking a less environmentally damaging form of transport, sometimes flying is the only reasonable option.

Author: Sandra

Running, cats, sewing, vegan cooking and eating.

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