Awash (Geneva, Switzerland)

The Paquis region near Geneva Cornavin station is an interesting and lively neighbourhood. There are several great restaurants and one of those is the Ethiopian restaurant Awash (which is technically just outside of Paquis). It is tucked away near the train tracks, off the main street. From the outside it seems small and quiet, but once inside you find a busy colourful restaurant. When we visited it was quite busy and there was a lady selling jewellery on a small stand.

I had never been at an Ethiopian restaurant so I was very curious to try. There are several Ethiopian restaurants in Geneva, and the Ethiopian cuisine is known to be vegan-friendly. Awash states clearly on their site that they cater to vegetarians, so it would be a good introduction to Ethiopian food.

The restaurant serves both meat and vegetarian dishes. The vegetarian dishes turned out to be vegan! All food is served with injera, a type of pancake/spongy bread. The injera is used as cutlery to scoop up the food (I have to admit we asked for a spoon as we were not so good handling the injera!) The taste and structure of injera is quite special.

In total there are four vegan dishes, we chose the sharing plate which has a bit of each. The dishes were: red lentils (misir), salad, yellow beans and green vegetables with sauce. The food was served on a large round platter, and the various dishes were put on top of several injera, which soaked up the flavours nicely. There was a second plate with additional injera to use for eating.

The menu on the site is a condensed version, I couldn’t locate a full menu. There are in fact starters and dessert.  I haven’t tried the starters when I was there, so I am not sure if there was a vegan option. I did notice other people order something like samosa’s, which tend to be vegan. The only dessert available when I visited is baklava, which was unfortunately not vegan.

Overall it is a place with a great atmosphere, and delicious food!
Ethiopian sharing platter at Awash
The sharing platter on top of the injera.
Type of place: Ethiopian restaurant
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts: no

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A concern for many people that decide to go vegan is that they won’t be able to go out for coffee/lunch/dinner with their friends and/or family anymore. While it is true that not every restaurant has something on their menu which is vegan or can be “veganised”, there are a lot of options for vegans at non-vegan places. Restaurants might have a completely vegan dish on their menu but it is not marked as vegan. Maybe a vegetarian dish can be modified. Maybe there are many sides which can be turned into a delicious full meal. Or maybe the chef decides to experiment to make you a great dish (it happens!)

The reason to start this journal is to record my experiences eating vegan at restaurants that are not necessarily catering to vegans. Since I currently live in Switzerland, that is where most of the places I visit will be. As I am lucky enough to live in a region with actual vegan restaurants, of course I’ll visit those and discuss them here too. Even if you never visit a restaurant that is mentioned here, maybe it will give you some inspiration for the types restaurants that will be vegan-friendly or which dishes that can be modified.