Screamers Pizzeria (New York, US)

Screamers pizzeria

All vegan pizza! This cool place in Brooklyn has a nice punk-rocky vibe and is all about the vegan pizza! Screamers is very small, but there are some places to sit (just be aware, there is no bathroom). They also do take-away and delivery.

Inside Screamers Pizzeria

You can order either pieces of whole pies. You can either pick a pie from the menu, which includes veganised classics such as the Margherita (tomato sauce, ‘mozzarella’ and basil) and the Hawaiian (vegan ham, pineapple, vegan cheese), but also interesting creations such as the vampire (onions, garlic, ‘pepperoni’ and almond ricotta).

Pizza at Screamers pizzeria
Pizza on display !

You can also get creative and think up your own version. They also offer a calzone and garlic knots (and I am not sad I didn’t try those!). Of course they also sell soft drinks and root beer.

Pizza at Screamers Pizzeria
First round: a slice of tomato/cheez and a slice of mushroom pizza

When we visited there were several options available, we tried the mushroom and a tomato/”cheez” versions, and in the second round a “cheeze”/cauliflower and seitan pepperoni pizza slice. Overall the pizza crust was a bit less crispy than those from {two boots} but the amount of choice was overwhelming!

Slice of cauliflower pizza at Screamers PIzzeria
Cauliflower pizza
Slice of Seitan pepperoni pizza at Screamers Pizzeria
Seitan pepperoni!

There are even vegan desserts: cannoli; which are ‘tubes’ of pastry dough filled with creamy filling. The non-vegan version contains ricotta. I am not sure what was in these but they were good! The dough and cream were not too sweet, I really liked it.

Cannoli at Screamers Pizzeria
Cannoli ! Looks small, tastes great 😀
Type of place: pizzeria
Completely vegan:  yes
Vegan desserts: yes!

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