Quick update: as you may have noticed I haven’t posted anything for a while. There are some posts in my Drafts folder, but I just don’t have the time and the energy to put them up. I am currently debating if I want to continue with this blog. It started as an experiment, I told myself I’d try it for a year. I have kept the blog up for longer than that, but at the moment it doesn’t give me back what I am putting in. I am not sure if this is an indefinite hiatus, and I really want to put up those pending posts.



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Welcome to my blog!

A concern for many people that decide to go vegan is that they won’t be able to go out for coffee/lunch/dinner with their friends and/or family anymore. While it is true that not every restaurant has something on their menu which is vegan or can be “veganised”, there are a lot of options for vegans at non-vegan places. Restaurants might have a completely vegan dish on their menu but it is not marked as vegan. Maybe a vegetarian dish can be modified. Maybe there are many sides which can be turned into a delicious full meal. Or maybe the chef decides to experiment to make you a great dish (it happens!)

The reason to start this journal is to record my experiences eating vegan at restaurants that are not necessarily catering to vegans. Since I currently live in Switzerland, that is where most of the places I visit will be. As I am lucky enough to live in a region with actual vegan restaurants, of course I’ll visit those and discuss them here too. Even if you never visit a restaurant that is mentioned here, maybe it will give you some inspiration for the types restaurants that will be vegan-friendly or which dishes that can be modified.