Zolotoi Dukat (Kyiv, Ukraine)

This cute café (part of a national chain) was completely in the Christmas mood when I visited. This was great for vegans, because it meant there were some vegan cakes! Let me explain.

Pist cakes at Zolotoi Dukat
Pumpkin-mandarine cake and hummus pie

In Orthodox Christianity there are several fasting (Pist in Ukrainian) periods, during which specific animal products (like meat, milk and butter) are not consumed. One of these periods happens to be before Orthodox Christmas, when I visited Kyiv. Technically the original idea of these fasts is to abstain from tasty foods such as cakes which often include butter and milk… but I am not going to complain.

Chocolate at Zolotoi Dukat
Liquid-y dark chocolate to be eaten with a spoon

During my stay in Kyiv I visited Zolotoi Dukat twice. As mentioned there were some special additions to the menu for Christmas; an apple pie, a pumpkin-mandarine pie and a hummus salty pie (I believe the apple pie is also on the standard menu).

On the standard menu there are several vegan snacks, like dark chocolate and nuts. The chocolate is liquid and thick, a bit bitter but nice.

Matcha latte at Zolotoi Dukat
Matcha latte with coconut milk

It being a café they have of course coffee and other drinks, and several speciality teas. Additionally they have coconut milk. I am personally not that fond of coconut milk with coffee but in the Matcha latte I tried it worked very well!

Apple pie at Zolotoi Dukat
Apple pie
Type of place: Café
Completely vegan: no

Website (Ukrainian, Russian, English): http://www.freshcoffee.com.ua/

Anahata Fine Food (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Menu at Anahata Fine Food

This small stand in a large shopping mall serves completely vegan snacks and drinks! Anahata Fine Food focuses on tasty, clean (e.g. no added sugars) food which does not harm the environment & its inhabitants. Sounds good to me!

You can find coffee with several milk alternatives here, vegan milk shakes, smoothies, etc. Food-wise they offer sandwiches, lavash with hummus and tofu and the like. There’s also sugar-free/naturally-sweetened pastries like chocolate and cake.

Coffee and soy latte at Anahata Fine Food
Coffee and soy latte


I tried a coffee with soy milk,  a chocolate and a piece of ginger cake. The cake was not very ginger-y, I have to say. It was sweetened with dried fruits, such as figs, and also contained nuts. The coffee was made Turkish style, which I noticed is common around these parts. The chocolate was good, a bit too dark for me personally!

Ginger cake at Anahata Fine Food
Slice of sugar-free ginger cake

Anahata fine food is  focused mostly on take-out, but there are a few tables to sit as well. A great place for a quick snack or coffee!

Chocolate at Anahata Fine Food
Super dark chocolate
Type of place: Take-out, coffee and sandwiches
Completely vegan: yes
Vegan desserts: yes

Website: https://www.facebook.com/AnahataFineFood

Ex-Machina (Nyon, Switzerland)

A short review today! Ex-Machina in Nyon is a café that offers a relaxed atmosphere and delicious coffee! The café is very spacious with cosy seats. A nice place for a coffee and a good book.

Blackboard with specialty coffees at Ex Machina
Special coffees at Ex Machina

Ex Machina specialises in coffee in its different forms. Apart from the standard espresso machine, they use different methods such as an aeropress. There are also other hot drinks available, such as matcha (my favourite!) and hot chocolate.  They offer several milk alternatives, like almond, soy and oat milk. There were some pastries available, but I don’t believe there were any  vegan options. Additionally, there is also a small shop section with coffee, tea, mugs and the like.

Almond matcha latte at Ex Machina
Almond matcha latte

Normally they have food on offer, but I visited Ex-Machina during the “Christmas Break” when the kitchen was closed, so I cannot comment on that. However, from their FaceBook page it seems that they have some possible vegan dishes.


Type of place: Coffee
Completely vegan:no
Website:  http://cafeexmachina.com/  (Under construction), but see https://www.facebook.com/ExMachinaCafe/

More Pastry (Den Haag, the Netherlands)

A short post today, I just found back this picture and realised I wanted to quickly mention this little gem!
Soy cappuchino and "Mondriaan" cake at More Pastry
Soy cappuccino and “Mondriaan” cake

I happened upon this bakery when visiting a dear friend in The Hague (aka Den Haag in Dutch). We were actually searching for a place to have lunch, but I saw this bakery which had  several vegan cakes available, and I knew that after lunch I needed to get back for a pastry!

The bakery had a nice selection of cakes when we visited. There’s also coffee with several milk alternatives available.
Additionally More Pastry has a webshop, and they create cakes for special occasions.
I hope to get back there one day, to eat some more cake and make some more photos.


Type of place: Bakery and coffee
Completely vegan: no

Website (Dutch): http://morepastry.nl

Anat (Groningen, the Netherlands)

Situated in the Noorderplantsoen park, in a beautiful old building, you can find Anat. This cute little café offers breakfast, lunch, drinks, and cakes. And it is all vegan! Both of the times I visited I sat outside, but inside there is also space on the first floor, with a view on the park. Both times I was there the terrace was almost completely full! Fortunately Anat also does take-away.

The philosophy behind Anat is to respect humans, animals and the environment (something I think most of us can get behind) so the ingredients used are mostly biological and preferably local. In addition Anat also offers workshops and food consults.  In the café there is also a small selection of vegan cookbooks for sale.

Sandwich with olives, rucola, hummus and pumpkin
Sandwich with olives, aragula, hummus and pumpkin

The ingredients used in the menu depend on the availability/season but in general the lunch menu is a variation on sandwich, salad and soup. There’s choice of two types of bread for the sandwich or it can be served as a wrap (one of the options is gluten-free). They also offered a combination plate which basically combined all the offerings (for 2 people).

Coffee is served with a selection of milk alternatives, and there’s hot chocolate milk on offer. There’s a variety of (slow) juices and tea. Now the cakes, let’s talk about those. When I last visited there were 4 type of cakes available: chocolate, banana, lavender and cupcakes. I couldn’t resist and tried a bit of each. They were all so delicious!

Picture of a chocolate cake on a plate
Chocolate cake with pumpkin seeds at Anat!

I have visited Anat only for lunch and coffee & cake. Based on that experience I am confident to say that the breakfast is probably great as well!
Type of place: Breakfast/Lunch/Coffee
Completely vegan: yes
Website (Dutch) : http://www.anat.nu/