Hummus House (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

The Hummus House. What can be better than an eatery fully focused on one of the staples of the vegan diet! While the Hummus house is not fully vegan, there are many options for vegans. The most important part, the hummus itself, is vegan.

Open kitchen at Hummus house
Eat hummus – Be happy

The Hummus House is a fast-casual place. The atmosphere is chill, there is jazz music playing. I believe they also do take-away.


The food is prepared in the open kitchen and comes out fast. There is a hummus plate, which comes with pita, pickles and two types of sauces (a spicy sauce, and a garlic & lemon sauce, both are vegan). Then there are possibilities for add-ons such as fava beans, or eggs. I added the aubergine, which was great! You can also order additional extras like more pita bread, pickles or chopped almonds. The hummus was very good, full of taste and very creamy. The pitas were nice and fluffy, the garlic lemon sauce was quite sharp, the other sauce indeed pretty spicy.  I liked the addition of the pickles, I never thought to combine them but the sour pickles go well with the creamy hummus.

Hummus plate at Hummus house
Hummus with eggplant, pitas, pickles and two sauces

The Hummus House also serves main dishes, like aubergine, baked potatoes or roasted veggies, salads, and special tapas such as matbuka, a dish with roasted bell pepper, or mushrooms. I would totally go for the hummus plate though, it is pretty amazing.

Dessert at Hummus House
Coconut malabi!

The Hummus House serves several desserts, and there is also a vegan option!  This dessert, coconut malabi, is based on coconut custard with almonds and coconut flakes, which was very tasty! I really like to be able to try desserts like this, which are (based on) traditional recipes, instead of the standard ice cream that many non-Western restaurants offer.


Coffee with speculoos at Hummus House

For drinks they have several juices and home-made drinks, soda pop and warm drinks like coffee and tea. I tried the home-made lemonade. It comes with sugar water, which was needed since the lemonade was quite sour! I like to be able to dose the amount of sugar I need in my drinks, so I really liked this idea.

Type of place: Middle-eastern
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts: yes !

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