IndoGo (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Indonesian cuisine is very diverse, due to the fact that the country consists of many islands (more than 17 000!), inhabited by different ethnic groups. Some well-known Indonesian foods are satay and nasi goreng, but there are also a lot of vegan and vegetarian dishes based on soy. Tempeh, a fermented soy product, is actually thought to be invented in Indonesia! I haven’t eaten at a lot of Indonesian restaurants, so I was very curious to try it out.

Interior at IndoGo
Take-out boxes, plants and Indonesian foodstuffs for decoration

IndoGo is a fast-casual Indonesian place in Amsterdam. They do mostly take-out/delivery, but there are a few seats available as well. The interior is nice, with Indonesian food stuffs displayed. There is also quite some plants, which are not that common in restaurants/take-out places!


IndoGo offers a “choose your own meal” option, using ready-made ingredients, a variety of side-dishes and snacks, sandwiches and desserts. There are several vegan options available, both for the ‘indo-meal’, and the sides like gado-gado and springrolls. These options are clearly marked. There’s also cold drinks available, including some more exotic options such as a lychee soft drink.

Food at IndoGo
Veggies, tofu and tempeh

The indo-meal is put together by choosing a base, a special and veggies. The specials are all meat, but the veggies include tofu (2 types) and tempeh. The only vegan base available is rice (several types), as the available noodles have eggs. After choosing the ingredients, they are put in a box and are heated in the microwave.


I choose the tempeh and the spicey eggplant. It was a great combination, the liquid from the eggplant gave the rice a nice flavour and made it stick together a bit. (Unfortunately it looked not so great on the picture) My husband choose white rice, tofu and veggies with coconut sauce (lodeh coconut), which was also nice, though the ingredients didn’t really combine so at the bottom there was just plain white rice.

Indomeal at IndoGo
Lodeh coconut, rice and tofu box

We also tried a vegan spring roll, but it wasn’t too great. It was quite floppy and not very crunchy, due to being reheated in the microwave. We also ordered the gado-gado but we never got it.


The service was very friendly, but not very good. I think the person putting the boxes together had just started, and communication was not great. The food was all-right, obviously not haute cuisine, but that is not expected. I think it is great they have several vegan options, and I would eat there again! If only to try the gado-gado salad !

Type of place: Indonesian, take-out
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts: no

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Sources: wikipedia