Luigia (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Luigia can be found in several Swiss cities (and in Dubai). I visited the location in Lausanne twice. This Luigia is located in a former cinema, so the atmosphere is fantastic! The interior reflects the previous purpose of the building, with a large dining room, which has a high ceiling. The main colour is red, and there are light-bulb decorations. In the back there is a pizza oven with a small open kitchen around it. There is an additional kitchen behind, but that one is not visible for the guests. I don’t know if every Luigia has such a beautiful location!

Interior at Luigia
Old projector at Luigia

The menu, which includes typical Italian dishes such as antipasti, pastas, pizzas, and a variety of sea-food and meat plates, also has several vegan options. Unfortunately these are not marked! Drink-wise there is a lot of choice for wine, beer etc.

Focaccia at Luigia
Rosemary focaccia

We started with a rosemary focaccia, which is also made in the pizza oven. It was basically a pizza crust, with rosemary. It was  simple and very tasty. The crust was so delicious, thin and crunchy.

There are several vegan options, including pizzas! Luigia serves a classic pizza marinara; a pizza with tomato sauce, oregano and garlic. There is also a version with capers. Both are great, but I prefer the one with capers. The taste of the capers matches very well with the rest of the pizza, and it makes it a little bit more interesting.

Pizza marinara at Luigia
Pizza marinara with capers

There are vegan desserts available: fruit and sorbet ice. However, it didn’t seem too interesting to me so I didn’t try them. After you have had your dinner, you pay at the entrance, so no waiting around for the bill.


Luigia prides itself in being authentically Italian, and I believe that. From the Italian-speaking staff, to the simple and fresh ingredients, Luigia is a piece of Italy in Switzerland.

Type of place: Italian restaurant
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts: yes

Website (English, German, French. Italian) :

Végé café (Lausanne, Switzerland)

More and more I see vegan restaurants, bakeries and cafés around me. A great development! While I don’t try to limit my eating to these places, sometimes it is nice to be able to order everything available without having to interrogate a poor waiter about whether or not this dish contains milk!

Drink at Vege cafe

Today a quick review about a fully vegan café in Lausanne: Végé café. It was on my “to visit” list for a while, so I am glad to finally be able to discuss it! The first time I wanted to go to the Végé café was in August, and unfortunately they were closed during the weekend at that time. My fault, I should’ve paid more attention to their site…I was just too excited ! And then somehow I didn’t go there again until a few weeks ago.

Menu at Vege cafe
Menu du jour

Végé café serves breakfast and lunch, and the menu changes daily. When you enter you face the bar, where a lot of tasty desserts are waiting. The café itself was busy, which is always nice. I visited with a friend on a Sunday, and actually not many cafés and restaurants are open on Sunday. So extra points for Végé café!

Soup at Vege cafe
Soup and hummus toast (more bread hiding out of view)

I saw on their menu that they had vegan croissants! Too bad it was too late for breakfast, so I opted for a soup with bread and a ginger lemonade. The soup was very good. My friend ordered the tajine, which was not that great. It was very water-y, the tofu was quite tasteless. Fortunately the desserts were better. I got a chocolate mousse with my soy latte, which was great!

Dessert and coffee at vege cafe
Coffee & chocolate mousse!
Type of place: vegan café
Completely vegan: yes
Vegan desserts: yes
Website (French):

Veganopolis (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Veganopolis is a small vegan eatery near Lausanne main station. During the week a daily menu is available, which can be found on their site as well, if you don’t like surprises (I won’t judge, I don’t like surprises either!).

In addition there are paninis, salads and sweets such as cakes, muffins, and cookies to enjoy. On Saturday several kinds of vegan burgers are served. Apart from the restaurant, there is also a small shop section, where you can buy vegan cheeses, chocolates and bars.

Burger menu at Veganopolis

Veganopolis is very geared towards take-out, there are few seats available (Also, strangely enough there are no toilets) It was quite busy when we visited, fortunately we managed to get a seat at the bar next to the window.

Drinks at Veganopolis
Kombucha & bio-cola

We went on Saturday to try the burgers (of course), and we chose the “Dune”(chick peas) and the “V-Cheez” with seitan and fake cheese. The burgers were made with nice buns, fast-food style, and they were very good. We ordered fries as a side with both vegan mayonnaise and ketchup. The fries were nicely spiced but not very crunchy. Also they were served a bit of an inconvenient bowl.

Burger with fries, ketchup and vegan mayonnaise at Veganopolis
Yum! Burger, fries & dips

Since there were so many deliciously looking pastries we of course had to try some freshly made cake. It was nice and fluffy.

Vegan cake at Veganopolis
Freshly baked vegan cake!

To finish it off I choose from the many available hot beverages a chai tea with soy milk. It was more soy than chai, but I find that that is often the case. It was a nice finish to a great meal!

Soy chai tea at Veganopolis
Soy chai tea

Type of place: Take-out
Completely vegan: yes
Vegan desserts: yes
Website (French) :

Bad Hunter (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Bad Hunter is a healthy fast-food style eatery with locations in Zürich and Lausanne. My colleagues recommended it to me, and we visited Bad Hunter in Lausanne, which seems to have slightly more dishes available than the Zürich version. Bad Hunter offers wraps, bowls, soups and sandwiches, and a variety of drinks. On the menu it is clearly marked which dishes are vegan — very convenient. There is also cake, which is unfortunately not vegan.

While Bad Hunter has an ordering system and set-up similar to fast-food places, the food itself is very health/super-food oriented. The health perspective is also applied in their style of cooking; vegetables are steamed, not fried, to get maximum of nutrients. Additionally there is only a minimum of salt used in the preparation. I didn’t notice a lack of seasoning in the food myself.

Interior at Bad Hunter
Waiting for our food with a sparkly apple juice

The interior is modern, minimalistic and slightly industrial. The place seems pretty popular, but it was not overly crowded.

Food is ordered at the counter and paid directly. You get a tiny obelisk with a number on it to be put on your table. When your dish is ready it is brought to you. We were with a group, but since we all ordered separately we also got our food at different times which is a bit of a downside of this system. The food itself was very nice. Overall I would go again, the food is fast & tasty, and the prices reasonable.

Vegan bowl at Bad Hunter
Vegan bowl, it is bigger than it seems from this picture!

Type of place: Health food /Take out
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts: no
Website (English, French, German) :