Screamers Pizzeria (New York, US)

Screamers pizzeria

All vegan pizza today! Screamers Pizzeria is a cool place in Brooklyn with a nice punk-rocky vibe and is all about the vegan pizza! Screamers is very small, but there are some places to sit (just be aware, there is no bathroom). They mostly do take-away and delivery.

Pizza at Screamers pizzeria
Pizza on display

You can order either slices orwhole pies. You can pick a pie from the menu, which includes veganised classics such as the Margherita (tomato sauce, ‘mozzarella’ and basil) and the Hawaiian (vegan ham, pineapple, vegan cheese), and interesting creations such as the Vampire (onions, garlic, ‘pepperoni’ and almond ricotta). Or you can get creative and think up your own version. They also offer a calzone and garlic knots (and I am not sad I didn’t try those!). Of course they sell some soft drinks and root beer.

Pizza at Screamers Pizzeria
First round: tomato/cheez and mushroom pizza

When we visited there were several options available, we tried the mushroom and tomato/”cheez” slices, and in the second round a “cheeze”/cauliflower and seitan pepperoni pizza slice. Overall the pizza crust was a bit less crispy than those from Two Boots but the amount of choice at Screamers is much more overwhelming!

Slice of cauliflower pizza at Screamers PIzzeria
Cauliflower & cheez pizza slice
Slice of Seitan pepperoni pizza at Screamers Pizzeria
Seitan pepperoni!

There are even vegan desserts: cannoli; which are ‘tubes’ of pastry dough filled with creamy chocolate filling. The non-vegan version contains ricotta. I am not sure what was in these but they were good! The dough and cream were not too sweet, I really liked it.

Cannoli at Screamers Pizzeria
Cannoli ! Looks small, tastes great 😀


Inside Screamers Pizzeria

Type of place: pizzeria
Completely vegan:  yes
Vegan desserts: yes!

Website (English) :

Two Boots (New York, US)

Two Boots (named after the boot-like geographical shapes of Italy and Louisiana) is a chain of pizza restaurants. The first restaurant was opened in NYC in 1987. As the restaurant was very popular they soon started to open in other locations in New York, and beyond, in LA and Nashville. They also do take-out, delivery and catering.

Pizza slices at Two Boots
Pizza slices on display

Two Boots serves pizza, sandwiches and salads, but it is clear the main focus is the pizza. From what I could see there were no vegan sandwiches/salads. They also sell several soft drinks, and a few desserts, like cookies. The vegan items are clearly listed, and there is a little big sign that welcomes vegans! The normal crusts are quite special, they are based on cornmeal. Gluten-free crusts are also available.

"Vegans welcome" sign at Two Boots
Why thank you!

All pizzas have interesting and cool names, like the vegan “Earth Mother” or the “Mr Pink”. Every day there is also a daily special, which will be available at a discount. Some specials are only available in specific cities, like the “Great Escape” which is only available in Nashville, or during specific times like the Swamp Witch which is only available around Mardi Gras.

Interior at Two Boots

I visited the Hells Kitchen location. The restaurant itself is super colourful and fun! There is nice art on the walls, and jazzy music playing. It is definitively more a casual, bistro-like place to grab a quick bite.

In the display there are slices available, if you want something else you will have to order the full pie (and they are big!) Fortunately there were quite some slices to choose from! One or two slices is enough for a good lunch, but I won’t judge if you want to try them all!

Vegan pizza at Two Boots
Vegan pizzas!

We tried the ‘V for vegan’ and the spicy ‘Vegan night tripper’. The ‘V for vegan’ has artichokes, red onions, shii-take mushrooms, basil and sweet red pepper pesto, and the ‘Vegan Night tripper’ has sun-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, jalapeño pesto and vegan ricotta. Both are topped with Daiya fake cheese. I really enjoyed the crunchy crust!

Table at Two Boots
Even the tables are fun!

I really liked the pizza’s I tasted at Two Boots, and I actually visited another location (Upper West Side) a few days later. There was a similar cool, arty and colourful vibe. I actually tried one of the other vegan pizza versions but I forgot which one…I just remember it was tasty 😀

Type of place: Pizzeria
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts: no
Website (English):

Pizza Leggera (Geneva, Switzerland)

Sometimes you just want pizza. Or at least I do. I can’t speak for everyone! My dad makes great pizza, a large square one with a thick crust. He excels in interesting combinations, like tofu and rice (on the pizza yes, don’t knock it till you tried it!)

Due to a lack of nearby dads we ventured out to Pizza Leggera, a restaurant which is known to have vegan pizzas and pastas. They also have gluten-free options. Pizza Leggera is an international chain, with restaurants in Italy, Mexico and Switzerland.

There’s no menu on their web site. I expected they’d offer some traditional Italian pizzas, sans cheese, but I was curious if they’d use “fake cheese” as I had heard some places do. When we arrived we found that the restaurants seems to be a pretty traditional, so no “fake cheese”. They do however have some interesting and non-traditional toppings, such as tofu.

Vegan pizza with grilled veggies and tofu at Pizza Leggera
Pizza with grilled veggies and tofu
To be very honest, I think most pizza places will be able to provide a vegan pizza, since pizza dough is traditionally vegan (might not be true for “fast-food” pizza places like Domino’s by the way) and tomato sauce too. Then just add veggies or mushrooms and leave out the cheese.
Vegan pizza funghi at Pizza Leggera in Geneva
Pizza Funghi

Pizza Leggera has large stickers on the windows noting “Gluten-free” and “Vegan” options. Nice!  There is a terrace with roofing outside and a large seating area inside. We were pretty early, so service was quick. There were several dishes on the menu specifically marked as vegan. We had a pizza funghi and a pizza with grilled veggies and tofu. The pizza was surprisingly light, with a thin crust. I would recommend to try it, not just for the vegan pizza (I am sure the topping of the funghi pizza can be made similarly at other pizzarias) but for the special crust.

The big downside of this place? No vegan desserts 😦 And with the pizza being so much lighter than at most places, we definitively had some room for them!

There is of course tea and coffee available, but unfortunately no soy creamers.

Type of place: Italian restaurant
Completely vegan: no
Vegan desserts: no

Website (Italian, English, French, Mexican* ):

* they have restaurants in Mexico, but I guess that the language used for the Mexican version of the site is Spanish